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Tome to the weather machine

Reykjavik, Iceland:
Sirkus Cafe

Paris, France:
Vague modulaire, Theatre Aleph

"Taken from the album Signal from VALIS, “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Under a Green Sky” are deep explorations into modular synthesis possibilities to both create compelling compositions and engulfing sounds that are completely bespoke and hint at a world beyond our own. Wonderful stuff."

New York, USA:
New York Modular Synth Society, Brooklyn

Montreal, Canada:
Brain Freeze, Synthpocalyse, BarFly, Code and Cafe, Modular Mondays . Eastern Bloc

Tokyo, Japan:
Kagurane, Shinjuku

Brighton, UK:
Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts


"Interrupting dreams about Earth and summer, cold metallic flashes illuminate the veins of alien greenish skies, we are getting closer and closer to the appointed place, skirting the storms of a space quicksand desert. This modular synth techno or sci-fi electroclash sounds impregnable, but invigorating, setting its own steady pace. The music of Tangled Waves is like absorbing pictures of space adventures."

London, UK:
Crux AV Five Miles, White Post Hackney Wick

Wa StaySafe, Osaka (Podcast)

Modular World, San Diego (Podcast)

Colorado Modular Synth Sociciety (Podcast)

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